We awaken this morning to the no longer deniable reality that we live in an Empire of Lies. Where the stories we are told as "news" no longer comport with objective reality. Where the rule of law is rejected as an archaic, racist pathology. Where the public spectacles we still call "elections" no longer reflect the will of the people.

We tried to reason with those who would listen. We endured the contempt, derision and hatred of those who wouldn't. The only question left for us to answer is, "What do we do now?" I honestly do not know the answer, but I am eager for ideas from anyone who has not already decided to be part of the problem.

Depression and despair are not options. We have too great an obligation to do what we can with the time that is given to us. America never has been and never will be perfect. I am sober and sensible enough to also recognize that America will never fully realize its potential. There is evil in the world. That is by design, and we cannot change it. And evil will inevitably leave its mark - on each one of us and on the nation we inhabit. But I have to commit myself to doing whatever I can to help make America sane again. So...

...again, the question is, "What do we do now?